“The Crazy World of Alexa” by Preteen
 Author, E'yannie Gomez
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Freestyle journal entries help an 11-year-old author take action on what she writes, and write about the actions she takes.
"The Crazy World of Alexa" is a dynamic, journal-turned-book. Journal writing is one of the purest form of self-expressions which is read without being judged or critiqued. Children and adults will see how writing down one's thoughts and feelings, turned fear into empowering; and found the humor in the ickiest situations. Using fun and serious tones, E'yannie Gomez, writes and the most imaginative, short stories and solutions appear.
See how her journal entries help take the issues and challenges of life and makes them simple, by simply thinking thing through. The idea is, when something is relatively simple to do, it's simple to understand.
Among the most popular entries is the inspiring tale of how "Alexa" uses her brain, and not her brawn, to defeat "the bully twins.” In doing so, she shows readers a great way to take a stand against bullying and feel totally safe.
"I thought about all the things could go wrong when handling a bully situation. Then I wrote how I would encourage kids to speak up if they are bullied or see someone who is," she stated. "There's fun and stories that will make you laugh, too." - E'yannie Gomez

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